All about God

Why God? 

People are amazing; the world we live in is amazing.  But we can also see that not everything is as it should be – we see that in the news, in the difficulties people we know face and in the difficulties we face ourselves.  How do we make sense of it?

Christians believe that questions about the world and our place in it are worth asking and have found that faith in Jesus helps us make sense of life.

Christian Faith

Christian life is lived in relationship with God and Christians seek to deepen that relationship.

We encounter God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Father…God the creator: loving and caring for every human being and the whole of creation.
Son…God revealed in the historical person of Jesus Christ. Jesus’ life, death and resurrection hold the key to knowing and loving God, and to making sense of life, before and after death.
Holy Spirit…God is alive, loving and active in his world.  His Spirit helps change people, enlivens the church and sustains the life of the world.

Jesus taught many things from which we can learn.  But the Christian Faith is not just about trying harder to be good.  Christians believe that in the death and resurrection of Jesus God has acted decisively so that we can restore our relationship with God and begin to be changed into the people God intended us to be.

Finding out more

If you want to find out more about Jesus come along to meet us.  There is worship in church each Sunday and once or twice a year we run a discussion based enquirers’ course for those who would like to find out more.

You can also learn more about Jesus by reading the Bible.  A good place to start is the Gospel of Luke in the New Testament.

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