Transform Weekend, Walesby July 2015


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On the Friday afternoon Julie, Joan A, Lynne and Ele set up camp with 2 caravans at Walesby Scout Camp. Sue and Glenice joined us each day, returning nightly to the comfort of their own beds! We were 500 people, in all, living in several spacious hosted ‘villages’. Weather? Sun and bracing breeze axcept for some sharp showers on the Sunday.
We had a fantastic weekend! We enjoyed joyful worship, inspirational speakers and the warm fellowship of all who were there. Young people had their own sessions but for the adults a wide range of topics on offer including discipleship, transforming hospitality, mission and how to pray for justice.
Each of us felt uniquely blessed and challenged by different aspects of the sessions – much to reflect on and we hope to be able to put into practice some of what we have learned.
The event – a first – was hosted by people from churches within the Southwell and Nottingham diocese. They even welcomed interlopers from Derbyshire! Hopefully, it will be repeated next year.
Lynne and Ele